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K-Syran and Benedicta - We can't go back
K-Syran and Benedicta - We can't go back

K-Syran – We Can’t Go Back | Impactful

Released in 2019, “We can’t go back”, is K-Syran’s single that is now more relevant than ever. Written and produced as a statement, in collaboration with Benedicta, “We can’t go back” is another feminist anthem with an electro-pop twist. With two US Billboard chart hits, X6 Top 10 dance tracks and a United Nations anthem, K-Syran is out here making waves with her music. I personally believe that the song becomes even more relevant today, with the various abortion laws in Texas. As a musician based in the USA, this really comes through in this track. The song’s lyrics are inspiring revolve around bodily autonomy. The displeasure at a world that directly and indirectly manipulates laws and policies to control women’s bodies has been skillfully channeled into lyrics and music, that say a lot for themselves. Music like feminism is extremely personal. And “We can’t go back” really does take the perfect “Personal is political” stand. While I have seen protest based art pieces and theater and the like, it was fascinating to see an electro-pop manifestation of such a strong sentiment.

The song begins with a nerve-wracking, bell-like beat that segues into dynamic vocals. The two singers have strong, dynamic vocals which blend seamlessly while also standing out. The song has a catchy pop vibe which will also get you dancing to it. K-Syran stays true to her electro-pop roots. The beat is interesting and really sets the song apart. The song is also sure to become an earworm that you won’t be able to forget.

I had the opportunity to interview K-Syran and explore the process behind her music. Here is what she said:

1.We can’t go back is such a statement in itself. Can you tell me what the thought process behind the song was?

Benedicta had just written a thesis about the abortion law in the US, and I was so taken by it that I had to write a song about it. I work closely with Madeleine Rees OBE, on women’s rights, so I would send her drafts of my song, and she introduced me to Women’s March Global who work passionately with this subject.

With all of my art, whether it’s Theatre, music, movies, pottery, I have a need to express something bigger than myself, and women’s rights is something that’s very close to my heart. 

We still have so much to do!

2.I especially love how there are two different voices that are standing for not being silent no more. How did both of your music come together for this track?

It was an obvious choice to ask Benedicta to sing it with me. It was all thanks to her, and she has the most beautiful voice. She sang before she spoke, being Norwegian we have a lot of folk songs , children’s songs, she knew them all by heart.

Also the message, to raise awareness around the song is now even more powerful with a mother and her daughter singing together about such a sensitive issue as abortion. But honestly as a female if we can’t choose over our own bodies what choices do we have?

3.A lot of your music seems rooted in your personal experiences. How do you use music to navigate through these experiences?

Music is a wonderful therapy. Apparently you use your whole brain when you create music. One of my favourite tracks came from a huge heart break some years ago.

She was like a sister and family member, she completely shattered my heart. Best girlfriends are like sisters. My mum just lost one of hers, she was like an auntie to me, so sad.

In every art form, from hurt the most beautiful things have been created. To love is scary because of feeling vulnerable, but life would be so sad without it, and the same goes for art.

How much pleasure music, art, theatre, movies , reading give us. Without it life would be grey and dull. I feel we are even more aware of this now with Covid.

4.I noticed that you’ve done quite a few collaborations. What is the best part about collaborating with other musicians?

As one says you can’t achieve anything by yourself. 

Working closely with someone is so much richer and spurs so many more great ideas. Two brains are definitely bunch better than one.

Also messages comes across stronger. Like my duo with Sugababes, Amelle Berrabah, Testify.

Can’t believe it really, but Switzerland is voting now about accepting gay marriage….

5. Who are your biggest musical influences?

From an early age my dad would play the piano and sing with me. He is for sure my biggest influence!

He is amazing! Being brought up with a dad who sings and plays every instrument under the sun is such a gift. The other day, a lady stopped him and recognized him from playing drums in a band at the age of 19, amazing!

6. You just released a single – D.R.a.M.a –  What do you see for yourself in the future, musically speaking ?

Yes, so proud of my collaboration with StoneBridge! Two Viking’s coming together! I feel Scandinavia really has entered homes around the world during this Covid period and people seem fascinated by the Scandinavian culture.  

I have a track that’s been picked up by Carillo, very exciting!

Also, I have a new album coming out with my talented jazz musicians, Gauthier Toux, Leon Phal, Erwan Valazza, Axel Lussiez.

You can stream “We can’t go back”, by K-Syran and Benedicta here:

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