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Gastown Man Red Revel
Gastown Man Red Revel

Red Revel – Gastown Man | Tune Deaf & Marching On

Gastown Man is the latest release from Red Revel. It is an energetic funky song about a man who cannot dance or sing, but he can make a grown man cry! This annoying yet unforgettable man is absolutely unremarkable in personality. However, it is his appearance in flashy clothes and his bizarre interactions that make him unmissable in the crowd. As the vocalist sings, this man asks strangers for change and cigarettes, and confidently strides in his own, tune-deaf groove.

The Sydney-based jazz-funk fusion band Red Revel comprises four members. Together they have built a reputation for themselves in the local scene owing to their infectious, energetic performances, and delightfully nostalgic funk-rock tunes. The song is inspired by a trip to Vancouver where the bandmates saw a striking character. This was named the Gastown Man – one who struts along the sidewalk with a noticeable gait of swagger and confidence.

Sonically, this jazz number is quite playful. Gastown Man has a funky beat, and the singer’s rock-n-roll style vocals glide on it beautifully. The trumpet stands strong in the track, and the chorus is an incredible and stimulating jazz symphony. It further features an electric guitar solo at the bridge which takes you back to the times of disco. The fusion of rock, funk, and modern jazz on the song makes for an eclectic audio journey that will stay with you for a while.

In Conversation with Gastown Man

Ques. How did you folks come together as a band? What’s your story?

The Band: Jono and Saxon met in a bar by chance and Saxon was asked to audition for Jono’s hard rock as their new drummer. As that group fell apart, Saxon and Jono both realized their passion for funk/jazz/disco and recruited Chris and Fergus to form Red Revel in early 2020.

Ques. There’s an interesting story behind the Gastown Man, could you tell it for the audience?

The Band: “Gastown Man”, inspired by Saxon and Jon’s time spent in Vancouver. Initially, the subject of the song was sparked by a confrontation with a man on the street asking for cigarettes; he was walking a menacing-looking pitbull with a spiked silver collar, and was drinking a beer at 9:30 or so in the morning. It was raining and he wore a silver Addidas tracksuit and wore the hood over his head. The interaction later became the idea for a more embellished and dramatized depiction of that character- the “Gastown Man”; one who struts along the sidewalk with a noticeable gait of swagger and confidence, wearing a cheap fur coat and smoking an even cheaper cigar hanging from dime-silver grilled teeth and a walking cane; he’s the Gastown Man.

The Band’s Inspirations

Ques. Where do you draw inspiration for your Jazz-Funk-Rock fusion style? Who are some artists you look up to?

The Band: The list of artists we draw influence from is endless and ever-changing, at the moment I would say our biggest influences are The Meters, Pee Wee Ellis, Grover Washington, Fela Kuti, RHCP, Thundercat, Parliament Funkadelic.

Ques. Every band has a unique production process, tell us about yours.

The Band: Our production process is quite organic, we do lots of preparation as a group rather than focusing on individual parts and try and produce what is best for the song rather than focusing on individual sections. We are a very selfless band.

We’ve formed a fantastic relationship with our producer Jack who has helped produce our last two singles. We live by his words of ‘you can’t fake the vines’.

Up Next from Red Revel

Ques. You’re quiet on the internet and social media, how about a shoutout? What are you working on next, tell us about the debut album?

The Band: We’ve been in some of the strictest lockdowns in the world for the last 3 months and haven’t had a lot to cheer about but love to give you a shoutout! We’re currently working on some new material with lots of layering and a heavy groove that we think people will really get down to. We’ve got a lot of new material that we’re keen to take on the road with us and test out at some live sets. Expect our debut EP late this year/early 2022.

Listen to Gastown Man by Red Revel here:

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