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Coastal Town - The A Plus
Coastal Town - The A Plus

Coastal Town – The A Plus | Motivational

Coastal Town is a band based out of Vancouver, Canada who are back with their latest 2021 single The A Plus. The track is an organic and unique composition of the band Coastal Town’s efforts.

The single acts as a motivational anthem for students telling them that with hard work and relentless determination any insurmountable hurdle can be jumped over and they can reach the pinnacle of triumph by an A plus on their tests. The track opens with an instrumental accompanied by the weighty sounds of the drums that aim to build a textural atmosphere with various rhythms that set the vibe of this track.

There is an infectious groove that is built by the guitar and maintained on the bass. The track has a nerd rock and pop element to it with harmonized vocals of the band members that are further accentuated by the profound intonations of the bass.  The vocals throughout the track are calm and well delivered with an outstanding guitar lead that instantly uplifts the mood of the listener.

Coastal Town’s contribution to the music industry has not only encouraged young and aspiring artists but also helped diversify this domain of music. Be sure to check out Coastal Town’s new single The A Plus.

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