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The Infinite Daisy Chains - Hope you Grow
The Infinite Daisy Chains - Hope you Grow

The Infinite Daisy Chains – Hope you Grow | Endearing

“Hope you Grow” is the newest single by the Infinite Daisy Chains.  Ian Dandridge and Kristina Westernik-Dandridge are here to spread a much-needed message of hope.  Having worked in music production for years, the couple is now channeling their expertise and love into creating well crafted, heartfelt pieces that promise to stay with you and make you grow.

Kristina plays the violin, sings, and uses Ableton Push, while Ian is the duo’s guitarist. Their sound mixes Bedroom Pop with Neo Psychedelia in a way that is unique to them, with a seemingly “unlimited” sonic palette that sees them produce ideas using synthesizers, drum machines, and a variety of live instrumentation. They have channelled their love and passion for music that brought them together into this beautiful single.

Staying true to their brand of synthesizers and drum machines, Hope you Grow is an excellent addition to the discography of the Infinite Daisy Chains. The song is an ambient, welcoming melody that will become your gateway to exploring indie bedroom -pop. It has a dream-like vibe that you would hunt down if you heard as a score in a movie. There’s an interesting psychedelic vibe that lets you explore it gracefully without overwhelming you.

I’m definitely adding the Infinite Daisy Chains to my playlist alongside Tame Impala, MGMT, The War on Drugs. Next time you want to calm yourself down or go on a nice long drive, Hope You Grow should be your pick.

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