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Silas Armstrong – So Much For Love | Emotional Pop

Silas Armstrong is a producer, songwriter, and singer from Brixton. He has been making music and working with multiple bands for the better part of 15 years and only recently started releasing his own tracks. His latest release is an emotional pop song called “So Much For Love” that features powerful vocals, strong beats, and a really catchy hook melody! In addition to his r&b and hip-hop-inspired style of producing, Silas has incorporated a captivating rap section on this track as well. “So Much For Love” boasts quite a bit of variety, so let’s find out what it sounds like!

An interesting chord progression is played on an EP in the opening seconds of this track, followed by an electronic shaker that sets the tempo. Silas’ slightly aggressive yet sentimental vocals come in with the introduction of a deep, sub bass that you could easily feel in your chest. There’s something powerful about the low-end spectrum of this track – it has a dominating energy that makes it easier to notice. I’m already a fan of the production and we’re only a couple of seconds in! The kick, bass, and other percussive elements set a groove that you’ll get used to about halfway through “So Much To Love” because of how addictive it is.

Silas sings from a place of betrayal and heartbreak, hence the emotional and confrontational tone in his voice. I found the section with the rap to be the most interesting. It instantly caught my ear because of the unexpected change in the flow of the song. Silas’ lyrics here describe his struggle with past relationships and how it has affected his daily life. The line, “You’ve made countless wrong decisions time and time again, but this is the last time”, really struck a chord with me – I sensed an element of irritation and anger here, and Silas has channeled it in a very emotive way through this song.

All things considered, “So Much For Love” is a complete track that invokes a bunch of different emotions in the listener. The mixing is top-notch and the production is even better. Anyone who’s faced heartbreak and/or loss can easily relate to his lyrics because of the honest place they come from. Silas is an excellent songwriter and an all-round musician who has today gained a new fan! Silas Armstrong likely has more music to come, so do get acquainted with his music if you’d like to hear more soon!


Having the opportunity to interview Silas Armstrong regarding the single and his career was an absolute pleasure for me. Here’s what he had to say.

1 – “So Much For Love” at its core seems like a love ballad and it has deep and engaging lyrics. What inspired you to write this track?

It’s half about an ex-girlfriend and half about my father. The first verse is about an ex, second verse and middle 8 about my dad who was never there. The chorus relates to both relationships and the parallels of heartbreak. 

2- An appreciable change in the flow of this track was the inclusion of the enthusiastic rap section. Did you produce the song on your own or have you collaborated with some musicians on “So Much For Love”? 

I wrote, recorded and produced it all myself except for some additional strings (shout out Dave Cooke). I’m a massive hip-hop fan and I wanted to make a break up beat. I’ve always loved rap vocals, I used to rap under an alter ego and I wanted to incorporate an element of that part of me. 

3- Touring with Panic At The Disco must have been an amazing experience! Would you share with us how that journey has influenced your music?

It was an incredible experience. I definitely listened more closely to their music as a result. Production-wise, they’re everything I love; rock, electronic music, stage show musical theatrics, but ultimately throughout all their work is great pop songwriting, catchy hooks, strong melodies. Something I try to incorporate into all of my songs. 

4- The fact that you’ve been writing lyrics since the age of nine is astounding. Are there any tips you could share with new songwriters making their way in the scene?

I mean, when I was 9 it was early days! Those lyrics were pretty cheesy! I guess I’ve always written for different reasons. To woo girls, for school projects, for comedy effect and for serious projects. I just love writing. My tips would be to do it because you love it, write about what you know, and don’t be precious about everything you write. 

5- Having been on the road a lot in your career, I assume the imposed lockdowns must have been quite interesting for you. How did the pandemic affect your music creating process?

Actually it really focused me. I’m glad I’ve done the touring side of things but it’s not all fun and games, it’s really hard work! The lockdown gave me purpose to write, record and produce my debut solo EP. Mentally and physically it’s been years in the making whilst I’ve been gaining experience on other peoples projects for so long. Forcing me to focus on my own sound and story really helped me find the confidence to pursue a solo career. I look forward to touring and performing again but it’s the songwriting that I’m most passionate about. 

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