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hellocentral-hellocentral EP
hellocentral-hellocentral EP
hellocentral-hellocentral EP

hellocentral-hellocentral EP | Heartbreak

Digging up the raw energy and power of punk, hellocentral are debuting their self titled EP. Compiled with 13 songs of various themes, the album showcases the group’s love for rock and all things punk. They have a pretty package prepared for you with reminders from your favorite classic bands with their old school sound.

Redefining punk with indie

Beginning with aloha, hellocentral pick up a Pixies vibe and swing it all the way. With four chord fury, the song is pretty straightforward, and luckily also a welcome to this album. The chords sound like blink-182 and the Pixies sound from Where Is My Mind?

Channeling the Ramones with monster, hellocentral up the tempo and the stakes. The Travis Barker drum beat does wonders for the song, making it a catchy and funky groove to sing along to. Instead of pureeing some more songs of the same style and adding it together, morningstar changes the flavor to something more indie and a different sound signature. It’s a crowd favorite, the groups most popular track. Must be to do with the relatable lyrics and easygoing vibe.

Choosing a mellower introduction and sound, …if you want to makes use of some layered guitar looping over, putting the emphasis on the vocals. As the instruments come in, the picture paints itself-revealing several genres merging into a visual potpourri. Ditching the heavy hitter in the beginning with acoustic, when I fall changes the opening to drop into the song that makes the impact that much louder and harder. Memorable track.

Pop & electronica shift styles

Converting to a pop style delivery for never better, the song catches fire midway and brings in the Fountains of Wayne sound with some newer effects. Billy Talent influence is heard on heart attack, another kickstart my heart energy song with relatable lyrics for all those with heartbreak out there. Altering the music timeline with another genre jump is don’t feel a thing, that has electronic beats placing a puzzle for an introduction. The Saigon Kick guitar style really resonates, changing how the band delivers their music and experimenting.

Like morningstar, starry nights and hand grenades makes use of the reverb guitar to change up the punk energy of these songs. They break in like a tidal wave later, a heavier flow is ensured listening to the track. The next song white rabbit has a different approach to the riff with a newer progression style, catchy track as well. Effortless in motion might be my favorite chord progression to listen to, with interesting lyrics and effects to a minimal-focusing on the stripped-down energy of the guitars itself.

Another summer experiments with those layered guitars again, making it an experimentation style in punk this group is comfortable with. The songs seem to sound fuller because of the two octaves becoming the playground. The final track skywasfalling makes use of many of these effects for a closer. It has a different electronica, pop vibe that resonates with the band’s lyrics at least-without the trouble. Pure instrumental madness.

Punk power-defining the album

The band puts up an impressive show for a debut. Though I wouldn’t place two similar sounding songs like when I fall and never better together, I enjoy the overall effect of punk so I wont complain. They might have strayed from the genre in many places in a happy experiment, and those songs stick out. Some fall flat, but can still salvage themselves with the energy and enthusiasm of the track. The band hellocentral might not be Machine Gun Kelly, because they are far better, and have a great path to take in a genre we all love.

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