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Craig Gould - Ain’t No Place to Hide
Craig Gould - Ain’t No Place to Hide

Craig Gould – Ain’t No Place to Hide | Educate your mind!

Ain’t No Place to Hide is the debut single from Craig Gould, and I cannot remember the last time a debut number impressed me this much. The modern country rock-inspired song has quirky whiffs of melody, and lyrics that quite literally encourage you to educate your mind.

The singer-songwriter talks about growing up with cigarettes and stolen liquor. However, the same train that was once a sign of all things ahead can eventually become a dangerous thought about life. The song also sheds onto existentialism, as the singer mentions corporate disbelief, prophets’ failure to change the ways of today, and more.

The song’s awareness of our times, the singer’s Charles Dickens-like narration, the well-crafted lyrics which never alienate a listener are all contributing factors here. What’s more? All proceeds from the song and Craig’s consequent album will be contributed towards mental health initiatives lead by not-for-profit charity CALM.

Craig Gould has a reputation for inspiring songwriting and storytelling. His music is a combination of country, rock, and the authenticity with which he speaks for our times in an unfettered voice. Craig’s songwriting has been a significant step in his recovery and therapy from his own fight with mental health. Now he is out to make music about the less-spoken about truths of life, and make a difference. On that note, I spoke to Craig about these, and also his music. Here’s what he had to say.

In conversation with Craig Gould

Ques. Based out of the UK but your music is Americana; how so?

“Americana doesn’t necessarily need to mean American music. It’s a type of music that contains a few different musical styles when they don’t necessarily hit their stereotypical genre. Country music has many different guises, and there’s a huge difference between what some may call traditional country and modern country music. Then you have traditional English folk and modern folk. Americana, in my opinion, deals with the harder issues, is lyrically more revealing and cut-throat, and allows the artist to showcase their true authentic art as opposed to attempting to create something that should fit a particular pigeonhole. That, in my opinion, is what Americana is all about. Of course, it’s influenced by some of the great American songwriters and performers, and takes form from Country and American Folk, but it’s a genre that is open to all. I think of it as a club for people who write from the heart, not for commercial gain.”

The road to music

Ques. You’ve been in the world of music for a while, yet this is your debut single. Can we get the details of this love affair?

“I spent 10 years in a band, we played all over the UK and supported some big established acts (such as Ocean Colour Scene, Levellers, Example) but only ever released an album. I quit the band on good terms back in 2014. It had just run its course and I was focusing on other areas in my life. I came back to music full of energy just before the virus kicked off, and wanted to start again as a solo act to take any pressure off. I only had to worry about me, which as a new Father suited me.” 

About Ain’t No Place to Hide

Ques. What is your inspiration for the song Ain’t No Place to Hide? How would you describe it for a listener, and what would you want them to take away from it?

“It’s a call to arms, a commentary on society, mixed with a reflective journey of self-analysis and a middle finger to the corporate world. The world is dying around us, and profit & ego are to blame. I want people to hear it and think about what they could do to make a difference. Somebody has to.”

Mental health & recovery

Ques. You’ve had the mental health struggles that make you who you are, and you’ve made sure to contribute your bit. Would you like to give a shoutout to CALM and everything they do? How has this association impacted you and your music?

“CALM is a wonderful organization that really helps to make a difference. They run phone lines in the UK that are open every single day of the year to allow people with mental health struggles to contact them for help and guidance.  You can learn more about them at their website – https://www.thecalmzone.net
They aim to stop people from living miserably. It’s that simple. 125 people in the UK a week lose their lives to suicide, and 75% of them are male. They are a straight-talking charity that looks at making immediate, positive changes to these statistics. I want to help them make that change.”

Coming Soon

Ques. You’ve got an album lined up for early next year, what should we expect from it? 

“Songs that deal with the hardest times you can go through, and songs that share the hope and joy of the best times. Honest lyrics, beautiful grooves, and timeless songwriting that I hope will be sung around campfires for years to come. This album is the culmination of 20 years of songwriting, musicianship, and living my life. I’ve seen amazing things, done amazing things, but also been an absolute idiot and made some big mistakes. It’s all in this record.”

Listen to Ain’t No Place to Hide by Craig Gould:

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