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April Gallo - What You Lost
April Gallo - What You Lost

April Gallo – What You Lost | The Journey to Loving Oneself

What You Lost is April Gallo’s latest single, and I’m so thrilled to say she meets all of my expectations of her with this number. The Australian artist’s range and vocalizations are a treat to any fanatic, and her lyrics are always measured. April’s music is very mature, and it is quite telling of who she is as a person. It is driven by deep-set emotions and not momentary, sleeting passions. 

What You Lost is not a raging tale of heartbreak or the consequent dejection. Rather, it is a reminder of a person’s true worth that suffers in unhealthy relationships. April is smart enough to understand that this is down to her partner. She cannot trust a man who cannot admit love or open up his heart. She knows better than to trust or hold out for a person like that. Now that he is gone, she is regaining her own awareness of her individuality.

She sings about how she isn’t someone who will go on to try and remind him of what he is lost. This is an opportunity for growth for her, and she is embracing it. The gentle, acoustic setup of the song further helps her storytelling agenda by putting the lyrics to the forefront test. Most of the song features no more than a soulful, melodic tune on the piano. Further, the soft use of drums, cymbals, and the electric guitar only adds to the song’s message and never distracts from it.

Listen to April Gallo’s What You Lost:

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