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THE WOOLFMAN – Make America Love Again “Spike Says” Club Remix | Zestful

The next time you want a reminder of how it felt to dance the night away, grab a pair of headphones and listen to the club remix of “Make America Love Again”! The Woolfman, a Capetown-born electronic artist has collaborated with Sparkles and a European jazz vocalist, Francesca Confortini on this track to create an exhilarant house remix.

It’s cool that the title of the track is about making America love again, while the vocals have a European flair. The track begins with a model house beat over which some sampled vocals are present in a delayed resounding space. I liked how the chord progression of the song isn’t composed of the typical four-chords were accustomed to in EDM nowadays. The synth stabs and a ripping bass forms the groove of the tuneful chorus, as well as clever transitions and filler parts throughout.

Francesca’s vocals on “Make America Love Again” are a synthesis of a variety of different styles and that makes it very engaging for the listener. This almost five-minute-long remix is a dance anthem that I think would fair extremely well in most clubs.

Despite the abundance of elements, nothing feels too cluttered, and everything can be heard clearly – The Woolfman has done a magnificent job of producing and mixing this track. The collaborators on the club remix of “Make America Love Again” have done an amazing job in creating this energetic four-on-the-floor beat that might remind you of a few energetic pop records from the 80s and 90s.

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