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Sigma Ori-Beyond the Dome
Sigma Ori-Beyond the Dome
Sigma Ori-Beyond the Dome

Sigma Ori-Beyond the Dome | Ethereal

Retouching the instrumental palette with prog metal and hard rock, Sigma Ori create soundscapes that translate to emotion. Their newest album Beyond the Dome is a testament to their experimental style and creative loops. Let’s look at what you can expect from this album.

Hailing from Barcelona, Spain-this instrumental group is a margin beyond the ordinary. For starters, they know how to morph time with their loops and elusive chord progressions. Beginning the album with Prograde, the piano dominated soundtrack sets the tone for what will be an auditory journey of epic proportions. The song emotes with clarity and warms your psyche up for what you will hear.

A gritty soundtrack

This might sound oddly specific, but Beyond the Dome fabricates a soundtrack for a Marvel character with a diabolical dark side and a troubled past that is to be redeemed in the present. The song Elliptical Orbits shifts the mood in the same way, with loops catching up with the moment you’re indulging in.

Opening the track with a suppressed drum beat, Mankind slowly builds to what can be an instrumental narrative to our present situation. Circumstances layer like the instruments, to an inevitable result that ends with a bang.

Mintaka borrows vibes from Animals as Leaders 2014 album The Joy of Motion, with syncopated sounds and changing time signatures. In my opinion, the best song in the track, with respect to the length and tonal quality.

The title track song is the fifth in the album, and is almost an intermission for the tracks laid out. It follows the journey of a reverberated guitar riff that develops into something complex, interacting with other instruments slowly. I felt this track was a bit stretched and could have had another riff or closer towards the ending of the track. Still quite enjoyable to listen to the buildup.

Experimenting with the beautiful layering of guitar many prophesize, Blau pushes the sound of guitars and experiments with different frequencies and styles. Due to the constant intervals & variants, it is an interesting song that can easily be a hook for this album.

Forged in sound-the experience

Existence is also a longer track but keeps listeners on their toes with changing beats or background soundscape alterations. The song is an essential for this album, with the tone and build amplifying to an interesting crescendo by the end of the song.

Closing it yet again with a piano masterpiece, Retrograde borrows vibes from the into track to manipulate the nostalgia of the sorrowful sound. Closing on a much happier note, this song changes the feel of the album and takes cues from the learning of the previous songs to make something fresh.

Sigma Ori have spread their wings with this new album, Beyond the Dome. It features good, expressive tracks with enough fairy dust in them to make them go beyond the pale. Though one or two songs might feel stretched, it does not diminish the effort and effect that Sigma Ori desired to emulate in the album. It is a sonic experience unlike any other from a young band like this.

Listen to their experience and simulated paradise here:

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