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Sabella Bee - Phantom
Sabella Bee - Phantom

Sabela Bee – Phantom | Melancholic

Texas-based singer-songwriter Sabela Bee does not shy away from the songwriting on topics that are sensitive, or in other cases, innately personal.

The musician updates their discography with the release of their second track, coming in quickly after their previous single Suburban Summers. Bee’s latest track Phantom is certainly a move in a more creative and wholesome musical direction for the burgeoning artist. Characteristically, the track appears to be comfortable in an alternative pop/alternative rock/alternative folk rock groove, replete with the four-bar compressive percussive time signatures, eerily melancholic and landscapic synth waves.

At a sonic level, the hooks and choruses remind one specifically of the early works of Poets Of The Fall or the later discography of Linkin Park, made even better with the occasional appearances of the cello to accentuate the track’s emotionality. In no way definitive of an upcoming artist, the lyricism in the track is mature and candid, in an effort to thematically represent a lovesick despondency.

Sabela Bee is a constantly evolving artist, as is abundantly clear from the musical arc that her discography is aiming to represent, richly laden with all the stories she has to tell and the stunningly breathtaking way in which she does it.

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