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Patient Lounge - Treehouse
Patient Lounge - Treehouse

Patient Lounge – Treehouse | Conceptual

Patient Lounge is a band based out of Brisbane that has contributed to the progressive rock extravaganza once again with the release of their new 2021 single called Treehouse.

The track comprises the best of the 90s era with progressive and conceptual elements like the mellow acoustic intonations of the guitar in the beginning to the industrial metal and rock elements. The amalgamation of the aforementioned elements makes the track sound diverse and constant at the same time with the perfect balance of the softer and heavier parts. Patient Lounge has ensured that the strings take the forefront in this single with bombastic and symphonic sounds instead of being quaint and subdued.

Musically, the entire track has something unique to offer in terms of a great riff or melodic idea and is deprived of any weak sections making it a solid listen. It is easy to get immersed in the battles of the lead guitar, the drums and the zealous vocals. Each segment in the track blends skillfully into the next, pulsing the listener’s energy. The meticulous composition, rhythmic mastery combined with the interplay between the instruments and the band is what makes this single stand out. Be sure to check out Patient Lounge’s new single as it takes you on a musical adventure.

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