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Maejis Mind - Dizzy
Maejis Mind - Dizzy

Maejis Mind – Dizzy | A trip of synth and echos

Dizzy by Maejis Mind is a psychedelic, synth heavy track. It is super fun and dreamy, and the blurry vocals are hypnotizing. The story they tell is of colourful skies, and good times, but honestly, it’s hard to notice the lyrics exclusively with all the energetic funk going on in the background.

Maejis Mind is James Beasley’s musical project, and now also his stage name. James is originally from Philadelphia but now is based out of Los Angeles. His music today matches the vibe of this fast-paced state he is based out of, yet it has a fringe quality. He drives his masterful psychedelic sound with guitars, echoicing vocals, and modulated synths. This has come to be his unofficial signature style, which he creates while having good times and inspirations with his dear friends. He also writes, records, and produces all his music by himself. 

If you could get dizzy and fall into  trance, this is the one you’d be in. The song opens as if transporting you to a different world, like you just wen’t down the rabbit-hole. And the world underneath is filled with colour, synth, guitar strings bringing in the layering, and premonition like vocals. The trippy, repetitive melody is super catchy, and almost reminds you of a disco beat.

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