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rebecca sichon innocence
rebecca sichon innocence

Rebecca Sichon – Innocence | Introspection

Emotional expression is the ultimate goal of music, in my opinion- and it does not get much simpler (and more effective) than a beautiful, melodious voice telling a story. With her latest single “Innocence”, Rebecca Sichon does just that (if you can excuse the pun). There’s a lot to unpack here, despite the seemingly simple and minimal presentation.

Minimalism is up there when it comes to the conveyance of emotion; for there are so many ways to interpret a thought put forward. So many routes to take, so many alleyways to go down; and Rebecca establishes the theme with a soft, yet powerful intro with just a piano and her sensuous voice, as she sings introspective, thoughtful lyrics. The story unravels further, with her calling life ‘a work of art’, like it rightly is; you get the idea. There’s just the right amount of support from the few instruments there are, and with a tight, simple groove on the percussion section, Rebecca occupies centre stage for the performance.

The piano in the background serves only to further accentuate her heartfelt singing, with the playing sounding organic and…human, for lack of a better term. The energy dynamic is well-made use of here, with seamless transitions between the high and lower energy parts of the song; no drama, no fuss, keeping in line with the aesthetic.

With ‘Innocence’, Rebecca Sichon struck a chord in me, and struck a chord in me deep. It serves as a way for the listener to get back to their roots, to think about everything– and how– they stand for. Recommended! Give it a listen here-

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