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Rag Doll-Forward Emotion (Let Yourself Go)
Rag Doll-Forward Emotion (Let Yourself Go)
Rag Doll-Forward Emotion (Let Yourself Go)

Rag Doll-Forward Emotion (Let Yourself Go) | Revive

Rag Doll are on a path of redemption and revival. The redemption is for solid, classic rock that graced the radios all through the 80’s. Revival is the attempted renaissance which sees them open a deck of cards of a game that runs on nostalgia. Forward Emotion (Let Yourself Go) is their latest single that successfully does both.

Ramping up the energy of the track like Journey, Boston & Duran Duran to name a few influences, Rag Doll completely own the stage. The metaphor plays itself out, as they republish some stereo love with electrifying synths, layered guitars and smashing drums. Not to forget mentioning the vocals by Paul & Dave that relives Brad Delp’s soaring voice from Boston. Each member of the band sets their own pedestal, with brothers Dave & Wayne Cox doing the world a favor by releasing such great music.

The song is set in infectious energy and dripping with all that was good in the 80’s. Guitarist Dec ensures the prog rock vibes are felt with his solos, tributes to tapping and some quick runs across the fretboard all part of the mixture. Rag Doll are nothing but time travelers, and those are the ones with stories to tell. Granted, something like that hasn’t existed till now, but pioneers tend to take slow steps that weigh a ton. Make sure to listen to their single released prior to this called Rise as well.

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