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White Novels-California
White Novels-California
White Novels-California

White Novels-California | Harmony

They might be the Beach Boys, but boy do they love the place. White Novels bring to you their latest single, California-and it is beaming like the sun there, for it’s not the geography that makes a place, it’s the people.

Their song is a soak and serve of the signature Keane sound with influences of rich harmonies from Oasis. The synths keep the song afloat, like a buoy on the beach. Overall, reminds you of the summers without worries, where sunburn would be your biggest problem. The layered guitars really emulate a texture of a flowing ocean-the lyrics surfing through with the sound. It all screams California very loud.

Yet, White Novels don’t stretch out the song and milk the chorus forever. Some groups tend to do that when they start out, but the alterations and change in harmonics varying from pop to alt-rock really make the band stand out. They are bringing back the 90’s and 00’s, but not the cringe fashion and lifestyle choices. If you were staring at a Walkman till now, California is your iPhone 3G.

You might be displeased with those references, but respect the breath of fresh air that White Novels have garnered with California:

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