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JADED JANE – Bogotá | Experimental

Ever since their inception, “Jaded Jane” (the stage alter ego of the Swedish brothers Axel Jane and Adam Olsson) have continued exploring the boundaries of music; pushing the envelope, watching it bend. “Bogotá” is the result of some more such experiments, but this time in collaboration with Olivia Ruff. The talents come together to present a beautiful number that makes for a great listen in the car, when you’re looking for something melodious, downtempo yet energetic. They experiment with atmosphere to come up with melodic soundscapes that bring in all the flavour of Swedish music with all its variety, and fuse it with a homely singer-songwriter kind of image, with electronic ingenuity and innovation together with the prominent sound artist Åke Linton.

The instrumentation is fresh, zingy and brings in an element of energy into the song that compliments the vocals and the vocal presentation quite lucidly. The lyrics are simple, yet embrace the image. Olivia Ruff, featured as the vocalist here, also presents a fresh take on the songwriting.

The mix is cohesive– if not a little lax on the vocals– but overall, maintains a good balance between the instruments, percussive elements and voices. The overall presentation is melodious with good harmonic relationships all throughout, and the whole song has a feel of organicity that I can’t quite explain in other terms.

With “Bogotá”, Jaded Jane present a fresh take on the pop/singer-songwriter image and aesthetic. It was an entertaining listen! Check it out here-

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