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Helen – Sugar Rush | Sultry

If you appreciate tracks that feature both pop and alternative r&b, then Helen is one artist you should check out. Her latest release, “Sugar Rush,” combines aspects of both these genres along with Helen’s unique vocal delivery into an arrangement that is both appealing and slightly seductive.

The track begins with a tuneful, mellow synth arp that’s looped for most of the track. Helen’s alluring vocals come in with a model r&b beat that sets the pace of the 2:30 minute-long track. With her effortless vocal delivery, she sings in a very carefree manner that’s quite captivating.

“Sugar Rush” has a really catchy chorus, which is what I liked most about it. The track’s harmonies combined with the existing layers make it an addictive track that you’ll want to keep playing on repeat! The track also has a bridge section which consists of a hard bass and trebly snare. In this section, the groove drops to a trap-like beat; an interesting variation that allows the final chorus to hit a bit stronger.

Helen has released five singles in the past year and the majority of her tracks are similar in the sense that they are structured with mostly pop elements, whereas, on “Sugar Rush”, she has found a fresh sound for herself that’s new and enticing.

Interview with Helen

1 – Your vocals on “Sugar Rush” have a distinct tone that stands out from the crowd. Which artists have inspired your singing style?

Thank you so much! I’ve spent a few years trying to understand my voice and finally feel like I have found it and now feel most comfortable with it. I grew up listening to a lot of Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, and Rihanna so I think some of their songs might have influenced the way I sing.  

2 –What came first while recording this track, the music or the lyrics? Could you share a bit of your music-creating process?

With most of my songs the music tends to come first and then I write the lyrics. For Sugar Rush I was playing around with some sounds and made something I liked and then wrote the lyrics for it!

3 – You’ve released five amazing singles in the past two years! How has the journey been so far and what do you look forward to in the future?

It’s honestly been amazing; a lot of self discovery, reflection, and some tough love from myself was involved and every thing has had its ups and downs but finally being able to release music and do the one thing I’ve always wanted to do is exhilarating. Seeing my music and hard work receive some love has been the most incredible part of it all! In the future I look forward to making new songs and maybe releasing an EP; I hope that people continue to listen and enjoy the music I make!   

 4 – Which part did you most enjoy while recording “Sugar Rush”?

I really loved every second of it; I’ve never had so much fun working on a song before so the whole process was just so great. Since the song itself is lyrically and sonically so fun and simple it was just nice to freely express that side of myself and everything also came together very quickly. 

5 – It’s astounding that you’ve been writing since the age of 14! What tips could you give to songwriters who are just starting off in the indie scene?

 It’s okay to take a break when you’re stuck on a project, it’s okay to write bad songs, and not everything will sound exactly how you want it but that’s okay too. Try to find inspiration in everything and keep writing!

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