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Charlie Steady - I Want a Biographer
Charlie Steady - I Want a Biographer

Charlie Steady – I Want a Biographer | Turquoise

Charlie Steady is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer who wraps his sadness in the 80’s style while also offering some of his best music with the single I Want A Biographer. After his two latest 2020 singles A Very Steady Christmas and M Party, Charlie’s new single is an impressively rendered baffling tonal conundrum.

This track is a lovelorn one that replicates a turquoise tinted illumination of The Dire Straits. Charlie proceeds at this moment to explain how he wishes to meet someone special and look into their eyes. The opening of the song is a classic rock one that slowly transitions into a groovier territory. The continuous rhythmic beat of the drums compliments the tonality of the electric and sombre guitar tunes that make the track light and inoffensive. Unlike the electronic tinges that add an element of cold elegance the artist places the front and centre of the synthesiser. The guitar is buried under warm synth pads and a mixture of programmed beats along with live drumming.

The sound of the vintage synthesizer provides a sense of radiating optimism that proves to be aspirational. The nostalgia in Charlie Steady’s voice is quite noticeable and he meticulously picks the right moment to mellow down. Charlie Steady has also made sure to portray grandiose arrangements and deep unfiltered emotionality.

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