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AL22 – I Don’t Mind | Energetic

AL22, a singer-songwriter based out of East London, released his new single “I Don’t Mind”. With a catchy hook line and thick electronic beats. this EDM track is very bouncy, energetic and exciting! A combination of repetitive elements and AL22’s captivating voice makes this track instantly enticing!

As the track begins, a low-pass filter automated sweep is accompanied by a stab chord progression that sets the mood of “I Don’t Mind”. During the first verse, AL22’s vocals are accompanied by a few percussive elements until the breakdown section kicks in when the track begins to become more energetic – a clever snare build-up gives the drop the right amount of weight without being too jarring or overdone. This track uses a great mixture of instruments; the sound fits the vibe perfectly and is suitable for a house song like this. Since the drums are programmed similarly, “I Don’t Mind” has a feel reminiscent to Nora En Pure’s house anthems.

AL22 is a versatile singer capable of playing with multiple singing styles, as he has on this track. I found the section where the line, “I’m guilty, not sorry, can’t fight my addiction.”, is looped and sampled quite engaging and it got me singing along as well! In addition to his captivating vocals on “I Don’t Mind”, AL22 has done an amazing job with the lyrics as well. They are simple, easy to understand and that’s exactly what an EDM record like this should have; no overcomplicated melodies confusing your ears, just great music you could dance to!

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