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The Banquets - The Pieces
The Banquets - The Pieces

The Banquets – The Pieces

The Pieces is the latest song from the musical misfits known as The Banquets. The British indie-pop trio hails from Leeds, UK. They also product incredible alt rock music, and a combination of rock and blues. That is not the case with this acoustic pop track. However, the female lead’s formidable vocals on the track clearly suggest those rock roots. 

The band has built themselves a reputation for energetic performances and their Northern charm. Publications like The Music Files and The Other Side Reviews have acknowledged their great oncoming. They have appeared at the Great British Folk Festival, where they supported The South (formerly known as The Beautiful South,) the legendary icon Toyah Wilcox, and others.

Opens with a simple acoustic guitar chord progression that feels like it embraces you. The female vocals are dreamy and almost grungy, and the tone contrasts the beautiful guitar. The stanzas recounts the heartbreak of our heroine, and yet she only remembers the happy times. The chorus gets a little more hopeful to allow her to remember those times.

The song also has a metronomic maraca which gives the acoustic track a beat that reminds you of high school dances. And if you’re like me and didn’t go to one, it’ll take you back to the movies where you saw them.

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