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Rex - Make it Happen
Rex - Make it Happen

Rex – Make it Happen

Rex has been “Making it Happen” in 2021. Rex’s third single of the year, “Make it Happen” is a charming, pop melody that is the perfect hype song! With these delicate and dynamic vocals, this single is a testament to 2021 Pop. Like the song mentions, “.. you should stop holding back”, the lyrics of this single are the perfect affirmations for any pop lover. I mean who else do you know who can combine honest and sincere affirmations with a groovy melody to hold it. The song also highly features a snap-along beat and an electronic interlude which reminds me of the 2010’s. This song would be a great addition to your “Hot Girl Summer” playlist.

Rex has displayed a variety of music this year with singles that feature honest and sincere lyrics converted into catchy pop songs to sing along to. Make it Happen really pushes the boundaries of her discographies and lets you explore a new and happier, cheerful side of Rex.

This song also reminds me of early 2000’s coming-of-age movies, where I’d wait impatiently for the end credits to search up the music in the movie. I could also see Make it Happen being featured on Reels/Tiktok – and has just the perfect, charming vibe and sound for it. With a vibe similar to Bebe Rexha, Dua Lipa and Katy Perry, Make it Happen is on a pop ladder – climbing up.

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