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Martin Smith - Trouble
Martin Smith - Trouble

Martin Smith – Trouble

The latest track from Martin Smith is Trouble, and it features the famed Kingdom Choir. As a former choir kid, this already has me excited. The song is soft and angelic yet it features grand instruments, and it fills you with hope and faith.

Martin Smith is a UK-based singer, musician, songwriter and producer. He has been in the business of making uplifting, inspiring music for over thirty years. Having been a worshipper who creates music for those in need of faith, it is natural that Martin worked with The Kingdom Choir on this song. Together with Martin Smith’s songwriting that touches your soul, and the choir’s ability to invoke deep emotions, Trouble is one of those songs that feels holy.

The song has that distinct church choir vibe, with a harmonious set of vocals serving as the true instruments of the song. It has a solid drum beat, and lyrics that inspire the best in anyone. It addresses loss and pain, and reminds the listener that salvation is true and aspirational. The choir and the lead singer sing that despite the trouble they’ve found themselves in, their saving is inevitable as long as they have faith.

Listen to Trouble by Martin Smith feat. The Kingdom Choir here:

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