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Chintzy Stetson - Songs from the Top Shelf of My Heart
Chintzy Stetson - Songs from the Top Shelf of My Heart

Chintzy Stetson – Songs from the Top Shelf of My Heart

Songs from the Top Shelf of My Heart is Chintzy Stetson’s latest EP. It follows the success of the breakthrough debut single from the indie rock artist based out of London. 

About the EP

His debut track Fallin In is the first one on the album, followed by three others. The song opens with the drums defining the beats. The song has a mysterious luxury vibe like a Bond movie, which fits for the narrative of the lyrics. He tells the tale of his lover, who takes Valium and goes drinking where he picks fights with others. It’s this erratic behaviour that leads him to fall back out of love right when he feels like he is falling in. This first song sets the tone for the album; it’s a bit personal and intimate, but also sonically very powerful and emotive.

The next track is Fair Share. It’s slightly rock n’ roll-y and Stetson’s smoke drenched vocals never overpower the music. However, the subject of the song is quite grim. The singer has a friend who’s father is the cause of his emotional damage. He tries to tell his buddy that he’s had his fair share. He doesn’t have to feel guilty for choosing himself over someone who causes him so much distress. A repetitive theme of the songs is this super catchy melody which is looped to be almost trippy, and I think I took the trip.

Third song Do You Even Die Bro had me reeled in from the title itself. The opening is upbeat and thrilling, as if it’s about an adventure where you’d hear someone die but you don’t. The singer is asking if people really die, because he doesn’t think so. And to be honest, I have nothing to dispute that claim with. You should listen to the song and decide if you have something to say.
Arrangement wise, the song features electric guitars and the signature trumpets he has used in the tracks preceding this one. This bring back that Jazz vibe that I dig, or is it just the trumpet that I dig? Hmm…

Last up we’re ending high, and what’s more flashy than a Red Ferrari? Opening with a cool, suave beat this is the most calm song on the album, and it’s still pretty wild. The singer’s plants are all dead, his lover is the blood in his veins and his beloved Red Ferrari. It is very likely that they are also his only Ferrari. The song has a very large energy; the instrumental breaks almost fill you up with the hope and energy of your first ever super-hero movie in 3D. The song is peppy and upbeat, but if you’ve caught the drift, you’d know that the subject isn’t going to be light or breezy.

In Conclusion

The tracks on Songs from the Top Shelf of My Heart from artist Chintzy Stetson are all seem to be inspired from personal experiences because they’re incredibly profound. Stetson has been making music for over six years, and he is able to wrap up a bubbling cauldron of messy emotions into a shiny package of great sounds. The album is short, but I find it quite inspiring. And if his next works are anything like this, eventually paying rent won’t be a problem for Stetson.

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