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Arielle Bryant - Thought Form
Arielle Bryant - Thought Form

Arielle Bryant – Thought Form |Choral-Electronic

North Carolina based Arielle Bryant, of the duo Pisces Rising is now making her debut as a solo artist with her new single – “Thought Form.” Over the past 17 years, she’s been known for her dynamic performances, strong voice, and funny songwriting style. Armed with only her voice and an acoustic guitar, Arielle has long wowed audiences across the Southeastern United States. But inspired by artists such as OTT, Shpongle, Bonobo, Tycho & St.Vincent, Arielle brings to us a whole new side to her – a new “Thought Form”, one could even say.

A beautiful choral-electronic piece, “Thought Form” is not only ambient but is truly transformative. The song is best described as a mystical and psychedelic experience that soars to new heights while keeping you grounded. Arielle Bryant’s folk-mythic background is very evident in this production. Her tryst with electronic only enhances it. Her lyrics are poetic and are delivered through a powerful amalgamation of harmonies. The single has a varied vibe and is rooted in Bryant’s indie vibe. The bass and the synth along with the harmonies produce a psychedelic pop experience unlike any other.

Having dedicated years of her life to learning the art of digital music production, “Thought Form” is the fruit of her labour.  Arielle says that she wishes to translate how she has always heard her songs in her mind and for others to experience their full effect, beyond simply a  voice and a guitar. If this atmospheric piece is the result of Bryant’s experimentation, then bring it on!

As someone who doesn’t usually prefer electronic music, Thought Form was incredibly calming and soothing and I may just use it to meditate and study too. Of course, I could easily place Arielle Bryant with the likes of Trevor Hall and Bonobo. Thought form is a psychedelic and transcendental experience and is a must-listen!

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