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Zuilee – Someone Like You | Catchy

Zuilee hails from Mumbai, India and she just released her new song titled “Someone Like You”, and it isn’t a cover of Adele’s classic, in case you were wondering! It is a beautifully written pop song with Zuilee’s euphonious vocals over a dancehall-esque beat that’s very catchy.

“Someone Like You” starts out very similar to the beat in Drake’s One Dance, so there is already a bit of familiarity right away. A deep yet soft kick sets the groove of the track along with some simple rhythmic elements to move your head to. The main focus of the track is definitely the vocals; they are highlighted in the mix and are present right in the face making them quite conversational and intimate – sounds like she wants ‘someone’ to hear her loud and clear.

During the pre-chorus, a monophonic gliding synth is introduced to blend well with the vocal melody, and also includes my favorite line of the song: “but now I sing to all love songs I didn’t know were even there..”. Zuilee has shown off her amazing songwriting skills on this track – she has the ability to translate her feelings into words wonderfully.
It was interesting to see how she sang the chorus since I’m familiar with Adele’s version and Zuilee sounds so much like Rihanna here! In addition to a catchy chorus, the song doesn’t have too many instruments distracting the listener, keeping it simple, tuneful, and danceable all at the same time.

As of 2018, Zuilee has released five singles and her songs feature Hindi influences and artists as well. Her way of sharing a story in a simple and intelligible way is what makes her music stand out from all the over-produced tracks we hear nowadays. “Someone Like You” at the end of the day, is a love song that you’d enjoy listening to on the beach, on a road trip, or even in a club!

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