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Until Further Notice - This Is Temporary
Until Further Notice - This Is Temporary

Until Further Notice – This Is Temporary | Punkadelia

If that is not a real word, Until Further Notice will make it one.

Until Further Notice is a Livermore, California based alternative and punk rock band. After their 2021 singles Happier and T: Stockholm Syndrome they have made a swinging entrance with their new 2021 album called This is Temporary’

What makes the album an enticing one is the continuous elements of spiky, grungy rough-edged guitar tones. The album is in perpetual motion even when it is at its calmest as the cyclical nature of the music allows for vivid imagery to permeate the mind’s eye. The cohesive narration in each song makes it appear stronger with a very rich, passionate and resonant voice. The song ‘Cat in the Window’ encompasses the idea of loneliness and an earnest attempt to escape from it. The song is like a warm wave of familiarity and comfort conveying a wondrous message. The rhythmic beat of the drums along with the electric intonations of the guitar provides a melodic element of rock to it. On the other hand ‘Misere du Amour’ kick starts with an abrasive bass and drums. The song is about how an individual knows how to save themselves, but fails to do so as they get completely engulfed in a wave of sorrow.

The track ‘T:Stockholm Syndrome’ showcases a spectacular and fine showcase of the band’s voice as it swoops and dives like a swallow in the twilight. This is a lovesick track about how a person is still yearning for someone’s love and even though they try to stay indifferent to it, they fail to do so. The mellow tones of the acoustic guitar spectacularly compliment the emotive sound of the voice, completely immersing the listener into its story. At the other end of the spectrum, we have the authentic sound of electronica in the tracks ‘Lies By Omission’ and ‘Untitled 1’. It is in the shadowy corners of the simple electro-punk tune where the real story lies. The minuscule shards of light are there to illuminate the raw emotions, which the band Until Further Notice has pulled off very subtly.

The song ‘ I’m Blue’ encapsulates the problems of living in a world and how we often budge past them, without taking the time to address them. This degree of frankness can occasionally make for a meaningful listen, akin to stumbling upon a writer’s diary and surreptitiously peeking into it before getting caught. What initially feels like a cheesy throwaway tune, takes on a completely different dimension on listening to it closely and attentively. The track ‘Thre3 Day High’ and  ‘The Boy Who Cried Suicide’is a light and breezy one although the theme hits hard as a glacier. The band narrates with an amalgamation of pathos and self-deprecation, which continually functions on multiple levels of reality. This album is a great listen for the meticulous play of sounds and the overarching theme it has.

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