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Sam Gifford-Run The Red Light
Sam Gifford-Run The Red Light
Sam Gifford-Run The Red Light

Sam Gifford-Run The Red Light | Illuminate

Within the indie rock scene, a lot of things are abuzz, especially with good, radio friendly music. Sam Gifford warms things up with Run the Red Light, his latest upbeat track that has the jingle and zeal to become a staple in every playlist.

With layered instrumentals, Sam Gifford creates a mellow indie rock song that has its highs, lows and peaks while altering frequencies. The track has a good swing and tempo-worth dancing and singing along to. It is another path from his previous single, Shadows in The Dark, keeping it fresh with new emotions and styles.

The accompanying music is what sells this song, for me. Gifford manages to change the atmosphere after the second chorus, leading to a pretty piece as a second bridge. The synths tend to dominate, really tailoring the song to Scott Gifford’s style. The style is reminiscent of Coldplay’s X&Y album, where the instruments each play their own part in making the ecosphere of music that is Run the Red Light.

Gifford has created a piece of a puzzle that depicts a much larger picture. He has plans of a massive scale, and this song has all the right bits and pieces to show the entire range of the spectrum.

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