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DayBright - Wasted
DayBright - Wasted

DayBright – Wasted

Wasted is the third single from indie artist DayBright. It is a fusion of hip hop style trap beats and bubblegum pop lyrics. The melody is very catchy, and the trap beats are impossible to not enjoy. 

The song opens almost calmly with a guitar chord, and then the trap beats completely transform it. I feel it is such an excellent example of the impact that beats have on any song.  Wasted is the kind of song you should listen to first thing in the morning because it gets you pumped up and in the mood to conquer the world. It reminds me of the song β€˜Bad Mood’ by Miley Cyrus, another song I love in the morning playlist.

The electro-pop number narrates the thought process of an annoyed, irritated man who has been in and out of fake friend circles, drugs, superficial relationships. However, instead of offering a mopey take, DayBright offers one true to his name. He refuses to engage in activities that waste his time, and he doesn’t want to hang out with plastic people. He channels this rejecting rage into a passion, and with this it seems he will soon find activities that are quite productive.

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