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TOM TOM PARK – Give Me Back My Name

Dutch artist, Tom Tom Park recently released a disco-pop song titled, “Give Me Back My Name”. Reminiscent of some of the party anthems of the 80s and 90s, this track consists of sparkly tunes, addictive hook lines and a lot more!

Tom Tom Park collaborates with a lot of singers and on this track, he’s made magic with artist Disc Eyes. The intro starts with a lot of energy and consists of a groovy bassline and guitar along with some sparkly ear candy. It’s got a lot of bouncy disco elements arranged on top of a bass line and the electronic synths deliver a really fun mix.

I feel the vocal melody could have been a tad simpler; as simple melodies translate better into a four-chord pop song like this, could be just me though. The falsetto vocals before the subtle drop, suit the track really well – airy, light and not too in-your-face. The chorus is really catchy, who would’ve thought he’d be singing the title like that? Give him his name back!

Tom Tom Park has translated the rhythmic, danceable elements of funk into “Give Me Back My Name” in a modern way. Making disco music in 2021 is no easy task, Nevertheless, his bold and eccentric approach to disco deserves to be disco-vered by a wider audience.

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