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Soomeen - She Takes Me Up ft. Oscar Merner
Soomeen - She Takes Me Up ft. Oscar Merner

Soomeen – She Takes Me Up ft. Oscar Merner | Ecstasy

Electronic dance music artist Soomeen is already striking very definitive chords in his discography, falling straight into the scene with his debutant single She Takes Me Up. In a collaborative venture with Oscar Merner, the track’s writing and delivery is bombastic and straightforward with the ability to completely captivate the listener.

The track is a number deserving of mass celebration in the outdoors, and has elements of club pop, EDM-like intonations and bridge along with features of electronic dance music. The track is an elite display of melodic and arrangement-oriented strength that is devoid of any fluff that distract the listener from his gripping romantic and rhythmic undertones.

The mono-pop production offers the track the stick-it-to-you element that offers a sense of the here and now. The accelerated beats create an atmosphere that invites people into the upbeat camaraderie, giving them a sense of belonging and solidarity. His track is submerged in inflamed emotions while alluding to a harsh sense of melancholy. This necessitates a willingness to be open, showcasing the unflinching honesty of Soomeen that allows him to exist as a naturally compelling storyteller. The cinematic precision of the track offers it a sense of finality as it draws to a close.

We reached out to Soomeen for his inputs on his track, his music and the way forward. Here is how that went:

Congratulations on your latest track! How would you describe She Takes Me Up to someone getting into your music totally fresh? 

This is a dance-melodic song about a girl who inspires her boyfriend to reach new horizons. 

A very contagious and festive tone to the track, is She Takes Me Up a track made for the outdoors and merrymaking? 

Yes, of course, the track turned out to be very dynamic, for example, I added it to my training playlist.

What was the motivation behind the track? Tell us about the musical interactions with Oscar Merner who also features on your track. 

Oscar Merner is such a talented singer and the perfect addition to this song – When I first heard his bold vocal I was instantly hooked.  And I immediately offered him to participate in the project. He became the vocalist and also lyric author of the track

EDM has almost died down after its very steady uprising in the later 2010s. How would you say the scene looks like to an indie artist starting out afresh? 

I think that everything in this world is cyclical and now a new round is coming for EDM music.

What does the future look like for Soomeen following their debutant single?

I prefer not to make plans but I hope everything will be ok.

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