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RALEŸELL – Let Them Stare | Futuristic Indie

In her latest release, RALEŸELL presents a future-indie song (like she calls it) titled, “Let Them Stare.” RALEŸELL focuses on creating something unique in her productions – this song has elements of rock, pop, electronica and gospel music. “Let Them Stare”, is an engrossing listening experience because there’s so much going on and I doubt you’ll pause the track anywhere before the end!

About the track

The song gives off a suspenseful vibe at the start with a rusty music box playing a children’s tune and some crackling & burning noises in the back. I’m not gonna lie, it sounds like part of a soundtrack for every horror movie ever, I’m already really intrigued as to how “Let Them Stare” will shape out. A drone tone on the guitar introduces RALEŸELL’s vocals – the song isn’t as dark as I had imagined. This song boasts amazing stereo vocal processing, which includes multiple harmonies and ad-libs in the background that sound full and inviting.

The distinct clave sound before the chorus was an interesting addition, like seriously, who hears something like that in songs anymore? A great addition to the track – RALEŸELL clearly likes thinking out of the box! It has a gospel-tinged chorus that may remind you of the vocal layering habits of Queen.

Following the harmonically pleasant chorus is a euphoric guitar solo with a nice distorted tone. What’s interesting in this track is the bit where RALEŸELL whispers in your ears about how she’s tired of fighting, and these whispers are layered over a Gregorian chant segment that’s very rich. Here the song takes a different vibe altogether; the subtle transitions are what make them sound as though they belong.

A strong outro chorus featuring a wailing guitar solo, lush harmonies, and subtle synths ends the song on an emotional note a bit abruptly, but no complaints there as it’s part of the experience! I loved RALEŸELL creative ideas in this track and am eager to hear more soon!

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