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Pedro Samp-Harlequeen
Pedro Samp-Harlequeen
Pedro Samp-Harlequeen

Pedro Samp-Harlequeen | Mojo

The best part of writing music reviews while having barely any knowledge of the form is discovering artists that are underdogs or uncovered gems. The effort put into the music is a vivid description of the output, and this artist is no less. Pedro Samp brings to you his single, Harlequeen.

His song maximizes the boundaries of live instruments along with the maximized usage of electronic aid to a point where it doesn’t sound fake or over-engineered. Harlequeen stitches together instances of beautiful music with intense lyrics that don’t mess with the senses, but guide you towards euphoria. The guitar accents stick out like they should, with an impressive tonal quality.

The chorus employs the electronica synth effects that have become overused now, but Samp uses it with a shrewd distribution of breaks and plays. His obsession for this nymph is infectious, you really want to see or know who this person is, who Samp sings so passionately about. Pedro Samp seems to walk the thin line of using electronics as a crutch, rather employs it to make a flavourful track with accents like Mayer or Trucks. The mystery lingers on, after the song has ended as well. See if you fall in love with Samp’s queen of sins.

Listen to Samp’s enigma Harlequeen here:

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