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OGGY – Find My Way

“Find My Way”, is the third single released by London-based singer-songwriter, OGGY (Olga Slavic), this year. Inspired by the soundtracks of Disney and Rock music, this guitar-driven song features Olga’s powerful vocals and hard-hitting drums. OGGY has a knack for blending the melodies of pop with rock and roll and “Find My Way” is a great song to get yourselves accustomed to her sound.

A distorted guitar strum begins the track abruptly yet suitably – sounds great with the drums. OGGY’s vocals on this track are strong and might remind you of some of Kelly Clarkson’s pop hits. Her singing style is similar to Kelly’s but her vocal delivery is what makes OGGY’s voice, hers. There could have been some more processing and tuning applied to the vocals so they’d stick out a bit more – something common in rock songs; to have the vocals right in the face and the highlight of the track.

The piano stabs in the chorus keep the energy high and exciting though it could’ve been mixed in cleaner. With the guitars playing throughout the chorus section, there is a distinct stereo effect, and the track broadens out a bit. The first guitar lead in the bridge is quite nice, performed well and sounds pretty cool actually. The second one..not so much – it’s masked by the other elements of the track and flows right into the final chorus where some sustained synth stabs are introduced ending the song on a high. This outro section will make your head bob because of how lively it is! OGGY’s singing is very dynamic and suits the vibe of the track well.

“Find My Way” is a track that features only a small part of OGGY’s journey in the Indie music scene. Her approach to creating music is reminiscent of some rock and roll records of the 90s and 00s. Though this track could’ve benefited from some additional mixing, I think OGGY has done her best in sharing her story with us, and I’m certain there’s a lot more to come!

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