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Marie Minet - Un Certain Jour
Marie Minet - Un Certain Jour

Marie Minet – Un Certain Jour

Un Certain Jour is the latest track from Marie Minet. The French musician has collaborated with legend Antonio Villeroy on this duet. Un Certain Jour is French for β€˜a certain day,’ and while my French is rusty since third grade now I can tell that it is romantic, dreamy, and a bit contemplative.

The song features an incredible and diverse instrument arrangement. It starts out with vocalisations and a flue-like sound across the set rhythm and beat of the song. This immediately captures the listener’s attention. In another few seconds, it settles into a soulful rhythm. As the first verse rolls in and Antonio sings in his angelic voice, there seems to be an influence of Latin guitar strings in the background. And then the cello lends the song an almost melancholic note.

As Marie starts her verse, it feels surreal in a way I can only describe as β€˜smoke on water.’ Marie Minet has a very deep voice, which has a sultry feel that she doesn’t even have to try for. Her vocals contrast beautifully with the cello and the string arrangement of the song. Together, the two singers are able to create an almost sublime feel across the song Un Certain Jour.

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