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When I reviewed K4YLEE with her track HELL & BACK, I had predicted that she is up to making a huge splash. I guess my prophecy came true, because she’s back with another single, LEFT FOR DEAD. It’s louder, heavier and obliterates any silence or doubt you had about the success of this young star.

Amplifying the sound of metalcore she so dearly embraces, K4YLEE goes heavier and lays more focus on the chorus. It feels like the section of a whole other song, though it gels well with this because of the strong Breaking Benjamin riffage. Using mild harmonics in the bridge, she makes sure the energy is mutual between the entertainer and listener, and might be close to impossible to listen to without singing along after the umpteenth listen.

As I mentioned earlier, the chorus is what really sticks, and her voice lets out some caged emotion. Though the metalcore mania encourages some techno influences, I didn’t feel the need to have the smear of electronica in the bridge part, K4YLEE’s voice is pretty infectious to not edit or alter it digitally. Her songs, all of them till now- have the common aspect of exploring instrumentality with her voice to find her niche, and she really has adjusted well.

Listen to a polished, pretty preview of K4YLEE with LEFT FOR DEAD:

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