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Robert Vendetta-All By My Handsome Self
Robert Vendetta-All By My Handsome Self
Robert Vendetta-All By My Handsome Self

Robert Vendetta-All By My Handsome Self | Crush

In a parallel universe, Tobias Forge from Ghost has gone solo. He took a look in the mirror and named himself Robert Vendetta, and is in a state of mild infatuation. Yes, that name rocks and so does the song, All By My Handsome Self.

Tickling the ivories with an impassioned aggression, Robert Vendetta introspects. He looks like Martin Short and appears as an Elton John type, so the looks aren’t a standard typecast. His song uses rarely put together chords in a mysterious fashion, aided by classic live instruments. We can talk about that oh so sweet album art as well, but let’s leave it at its heartbreaking finesse.

All By My Handsome Self is a single that has element, instead of self-loathing and hatred. It is refreshing to hear someone praise their own selves once in a while, and that talent is not unfounded. His song has a panache to it that makes it stand out with a renaissance mode activated. It is a massive shift from his previous single this year, Columbian Spice. which you must hear if you want to be taken aback by the man’s talent. Elvis Costello with Presley’s charm.

From James Brown to Dee Snider, Vendetta states a lot of performers to be his inspirations. These performers are from an era of glam, so what I would be really intrigued to see is a music video of this song.

Until then, stare at your handsome self in the mirror listening to this track:

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