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Castle Kyd - Menagerie
Castle Kyd - Menagerie

Castle Kyd – Menagerie

Menagerie by Castle Kyd is an alt-rock number that delves into the existential dilemmas of life. It explores the singer’s yearning for a partner in this passionless crime of living day after day.

Castle Kyd is a US-based indie musician who has found his escape in music, and turned it into his profession. If you’ve grown up struggling to speak up, it can be hard to express yourself fully as an adult. These inner enigmas need an outlet. Castle Kyd is that outlet, an alter-ego that speaks freely. Behind the castle the artist has put up around himself is a kid who is fearless. And that is Castle Kyd.

This song by Castle Kyd compares his life to a menagerie where everything looks perfect and pretty on its tiny scape. However, it is empty and lifeless. The artist wants to get out of this cage of his, and he’s speaking to someone who can come and get him out. He acknowledges that in the past he has hoped for and sought help from some people who did not have his best intentions at heart. These wild beasts grazed him, and this scared him into his menagerie box farther.

Sonically, the production complements the emotions of the lyrics almost magically. At certain places, the music quiets and the lyrics take center stage in Castle Kyd’s innocent voice. The electric guitar always sets the mood for me, and the drum beats don’t slow down either. There is an earnestness that makes Menagerie an escape, an honest expression, and that is what makes it a stand-out track to me.

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