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Shayan Valaie - FØURDAYS ft. Yan P
Shayan Valaie - FØURDAYS ft. Yan P

Shayan Valaie – FØURDAYS ft. Yan P

Hip-hop artist and music producer Shayan Valaie prevents dust from settling on his discography, even if it is for a moment. The trap genre-oriented musical artist updates his discography, this time returning from some of his earlier tracks like FALL IN LØVE, TØXIC and LET YØU GØ, with his fresh single FØURDAYS.

Valaie is no stranger to making music for the outdoors that really gets people’s adrenaline jumping, and he delivers those tricks on his latest melodic manoeuvre. FØURDAYS features a collaboration with Yan P, who makes his second appearance on the tracklist of Shayan Valaie, previously having collaborated with the artist on TØXIC (REMIX). Valaie manages to identify some of the most popularly acclaimed in the hip-hop/trap genre at the moment, replete with the 808-inspired percussive elements, the Juice Wrld-like vocal intonations and the idiophonic elements that decorate the track in the background.

Thematically, the track appears oriented to an adventurous rendezvous night-out atmosphere with all its sultry and provocative implications. Valaie recognizes the elements of his tracks that work the people to their core and turns up the notch on those tricks to make perhaps his most evolved musical venture yet. 

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