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emaa kelly loving you
emaa kelly loving you

Emma Kelly – Loving You

Emma Kelly brings in a fresh, dance-friendly tune by way of her latest release, “Loving You”. The song is an easy-to-sing, easy to get addicted to kind of affair; with extensive– yet tasteful- use of electronic music elements coupled with an atmospheric, club-friendly kind of sound.

The writing is what you’d expect of a dance-friendly number; easy on the meaning, choosing to instead concentrate more on sounding catchy, and melodious; and it’s been accomplished pretty handsomely here. The song has a groove to it that is sure to spice up any Monday morning and send those blues packing; while the tasteful percussion choices lend a bit more flair to an already nice-sounding track.

The electronic aspects of the song are not limited to mere accompaniment, creeping occasionally instead into the melodic arrangement; and even the voice at times. A distinct vocoder line permeates the song, lurking in the shadows till it has its limelight.

The mix is tight and wide, with good control of the low-end and good dynamics at the high end. All the elements have their distinct place, and it makes a productive difference to the song, making it sound polished and well-made.

Overall, “Loving You” by Emma Kelly makes for a fresh, zingy listen on a Monday morning– I sure loved listening to it. Check it out here-

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