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kaiyi headspace
kaiyi headspace

KAIYI – Headspace

I’m usually one for melancholy, but when “Headspace” by KAIYI started playing in my ears– as I sat down to review it, I knew I was dealing with something different. The song left me blown away, and I tell you how below.

The job of a good music producer is one that’s – but the job of one that’s truly great is felt. “Headspace” is literally everywhere in my headspace, if you can excuse the pun. The sound choices are sublime, for a lack of an even better term– KAIYI’s vocals dance a perfect dance with the river of instruments; and the writing is top-tier.

If I didn’t know better, I’d have said this song was made by a Top 100 artist with multi-million dollar equipment; the fact that it took none of that to come up with something this good emboldens my faith in the art of independent music. The mix is excellent; avant-garde approaches galore, the music occupies all its stereo space beautifully, the bass is tight and controlled; and the vocal processing is a ten on ten. Its close-up, intimate approach gives off the perfect impression of strength and vulnerability at the same time; demonstrating KAIYI’s mastery over her sound.

There are ample amounts of synth ear candy, the instruments are well placed in an ensemble that adds up to a soft pop/electronica sound that plays very well into how the industry is evolving as a whole. I for once absolutely loved where this song took me; check it out at the link;

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