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E / S \ C – Jungle A

Composer and producer, Jim Bjorklun, from Minneapolis, is the artist behind the electronic music project – e / s \ c (electric / sonic \ council). “Jungle A”, is the intro track to Jim’s newly released glitch/IDM album, titled, “Down To Earth”, which features bizarre electronics and some alien elements making it a very unique listening experience.

Let me start by saying “Jungle A” is probably nothing like any song you’ve heard, unless you’re familiar with IDM (Intelligent Dance Music). There is no concrete structure, barely any live instruments being played, and minimal lyrics! 

The song starts with an unsynchronised drum rhythm and some laser sound fills that create a very dark-psychedelic atmosphere along with some other alien elements. The progression continues for a good part of the first section, propelling the listener into a hallucinatory space.

The introduction of a few vocal phrases, especially ‘if you continue to do the same things that you do, you are going to get what you got, right?’, act like a rupture of the trance-like vibe for a few seconds, taking the listener by surprise. Nonetheless, the rhythms continue creating the groovy atmosphere throughout, melding the robotised lyrics seamlessly into the overall sound effects. 

The last segment of the song contains another vocal phrase over the only melodic layer of the song, which is the bass. While robotized voices are a defining feature of the song, crowd claps and laughs towards the end certainly come as a surprise, digressing from the machine and AI like feel.

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