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Drew Thomas – Bohemians

Singer-songwriter Drew Thomas hails from Nottingham, England, and leads the charge of DIY indie musicians making a name for themselves on the unsigned circuit through hard work and strong songwriting skills. His latest release “Bohemians” is a ride into nostalgia and is very heart-warming. The song is pleasant to hear and has a homely feel – Drew’s powerful vocals are surely the highlight of this record.

A hard-hitting drum fill along with a tuneful electric guitar introduces the first track of Drew’s second EP, “Bohemians”. Drew’s deep lyrics and commendable songwriting make this a great road-trip song. I can picture myself riding into the sunset with my significant other while listening to this track – a very comfy vibe!

The first verse features evocative vocals over a 6/8 drum rhythm that fits perfectly with the soft piano. A big-room effect is created from the wide, panned toms giving a distinct reverberatory space to the mix. Powerful vocal dynamics are present throughout and the inclusion of the soft breath sounds make Drew’s voice seem very conversational.

Despite its high energy, the bridge dissolves into a melancholic outro with a soft dynamics and the track ends on a mellow note. Simple acoustic guitar strums, modulated backing vocals and great transitions are the key ingredients that make this a must-listen track!

Listen to “Bohemians” by Drew Thomas!

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