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amy blake blue
amy blake blue

Amy Blake – Blue

A gentle, soothing tune that speaks of poetic melancholy amid metaphor and rhetoric; “Blue” by Amy Blake is a soft folk-pop number that leaves one thinking– thinking deeply.

To attempt to explore the intricacies of human emotion through a tool as versatile as songwriting is a delicate dance on a tightrope; Amy’s pulled it off very well here, and it reminds me of Dido on “Thank You” and “White Flag”. The instrumentation reminds one of a rainy Friday evening; when you find yourself exhausted by the rigours of the week and are left in the quest for something…deeper, something…raw.

The song takes on a soft, vulnerable-sounding approach vocally; almost as if to unravel the layers of the song’s depth through the duration of the song. There is tenderness in the presentation and variety in the ensemble. The ensemble plays second fiddle (if you can excuse the pun) to the main event, Amy’s vocals.

And the main event they are! Amy’s pitching is great and sits well with the rest of the track. The mix is cohesive and well-done, and preserves the character of the original song very well. The percussion is minimal, again, keeping with the rest of the production. The percussion carries the track along very nicely, keeping the listener engaged and looking forward to Amy’s lyrics, which are great as well.

Overall, “Blue” by Amy Blake proved to be a very nice listen; and brings back what’s good about minimal themes and simple ideas and their relatability. Check it out here-

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