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Alexis Joiner - Little Flowers (Blues Meditation)
Alexis Joiner - Little Flowers (Blues Meditation)

Alexis Joiner – Little Flowers (Blues Meditation)

Alexis Joiner is a Florida based blues meditation artist whose affinity for the spiritual world has taken the form of music. Her new 2021 single Little Flowers (Blues Meditation), is an immersive adventure that will make the listener lose the sense of their surroundings, but is a risk worth taking.

The track has elements of Blues and Soul music and she ensures the quality remains high throughout the course of the song. The spiky bluesy guitar tones have been given a pop sheen with her pronounced and mellifluous vocals which have a sense of familiarity with Beth Hart. The charm of the song persists as she sings about revelling and breathing in the fresh air. The Blues infused track is a massive hit with the combination of pulsing keys, sweet melodic vocals and plenty of light and shade with the guitar.

Alexis Joiner relies heavily on the same sound and principles bringing consistency to the track. Each element in the song acts as a form of support for the other, in the form of musical symbiosis. The sombre backing of the accents of the drum each guitar chord with a definitive presence that cannot be ignored. The strong tunes, the crisp production and Alexis Joiner’s personality which shine throughout the track makes it one that demands a listening ear. Be sure to check out her new single giving it a chance to captivate you completely.

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