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Sun Affair – Waiting For An Answer

“Waiting For An Answer” is the second release by Sydney-based songwriter, Sun Affair. This music project by Wesley Stormer features sounds of RnB fused with some jazzy melodies reminiscent of some music from the 70s. The record features the mellifluous vocals of contemporary country singer, Blake Dantier, along with a bluesy guitar solo that is just awesome.

The song starts off with a very Herbie Hancock-like piano tone that blends very well with Blake’s voice. These raw tones at the start of the track are quite pleasing to hear because of how well they’ve been mixed. Piano-driven and altogether harmonically-rich, “Waiting For An Answer”, has quite a few ingredients that make it a distinct listening experience.

If you’re familiar with the music of Johnny Balik, you’re in for a treat. A lot of the compositional aspects of the song remind me of “Honey” by Balik – the groove, the jazzy chord progressions and the inclusion of an exciting brass section! In addition to these elements, there are some lush harmonies that fit really well with the vocals. Blake’s conversational tone fits this song perfectly – his vocal delivery and timbre are both so engaging. Also, worth a mention is the captivating guitar solo by Blue Mountains guitarist, Liam Grey – a creative blend of jazz and blues that blend right in!

Sun Affair has released three tracks over the past year and they are all superbly executed. “Waiting For An Answer” has a lot going on, structure/arrangement-wise, and that’s what makes it a fascinating listen. Moreover, the collaboration with the very talented artists on this track is very effective and inviting.

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