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BŠĀR- Revelations Of A Neurotic Mind Pt. I

“Revelations Of A Neurotic Mind Pt. I”, is the recent EP release by multi-instrumentalist/producer, BŠĀR. Compared to the four singles BŠĀR has released this year, this EP stands out because of its distinctive soundscape, complex beats and interesting electronics. This five-track journey is an interesting peek into BŠĀR’s sound and is definitely worthy of a listen.


If you like Drum and Bass and Hip-Hop, then this track is definitely for you. An amalgamation of both genres, “Revelations Of A Neurotic Mind Pt. I” features a crazy rhythm section that transforms itself during different segments in the song, unveiling a few of BŠĀR’s ideas in this EP. His creative approach to making eccentric sounds work with one BŠĀR’s rap section in this song is awesome – the way he switches to his head voice for the chorus from that pumped-up beat section is admirable. His euphonious voice in the chorus takes the cake though – who would’ve imagined the song title being sung that way?

Some of the sounds in track number two, “Punchline”, sound like they have been inspired by old soundtracks from sci-fi films like Star Wars and Star Trek – if ever there’d be a rave on Tatooine this would be the track to play! Very disco-oriented song that includes an amazing synth brass section along with some computerised electronic arpeggios. The song shifts to an EDM kinda vibe post the incredible monophonic synth lead performance and the buildup does the drop justice.

AH002″ – This short 1:37 minute track, starts off with some filtered synthesisers that form the ethereal soundscape that has a lot going on and is mellow at the same time. I feel it fits perfectly as a transition track between “Punchline” and track number four, “Ready Or Not”. Also, I’m trying to figure out what AH002 implies beacuse there surely some story there!

“Ready Or Not” features similar computerised elements as the intro track. The song is arranged in a very unique way – each part of the song is distinct because of the genre shifts that occur in this track. It sounds like a fusion of all the previous tracks on the EP – it’s energetic and full of energy!

The EP ends with my favourite track of the lot, “When I’m Older”. Surprisingly, BŠĀR has gone for a 3/4 waltz type beat here and that made this track stick out especially. There is a sense in which he is influenced by some of the British vocalists like Eric Clapton or John Lennon – some sections of this track are remind me of that. BŠĀR’s soothing falsetto vocals are the highlight here and I don’t think he could’ve ended the EP in a better way!


BŠĀR’s ability to stretch the limits of a song in any way imaginable is what makes his sound his own. “Revelations Of A Neurotic Mind Pt. I” is an EP that consists of intriguing genre-bending electronic music. BŠĀR likes doing his own thing – his sound isn’t confined to anything in particular and that’s what makes it special!

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