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Renee Millner - So Much
Renee Millner - So Much

Renee Millner – So Much

With a soaring voice that is not very dissimilar to some of the eighties’ most remembered artists like Bowie and Michaels, Aotearoa-based singer-songwriter and music producer Renee Millner is crafting very distinct soundscapes through her discography. The artist returns from some of their previous 2021 singles like Fly Me Back and Out Their Windows, now updating their discography with a fresh track named So Much.

Straight off the bat, the track’s lead off suspends you in the middle of an eighties’ near-seaside groove, replete with an alternative pop sway, overdriven guitars and mellow percussive elements. Renee Millner outdoes their previous vocal performances once again with So Much, this time presenting a more opera rock/arena rock sounding vocal capacity made for large crowds.

Appearing at their music self-assured and confident, Millner’s transition from the 80s sounding alternative pop revival to the latter half — more of an indie club pop groove — offers the track a distinct and immersive cinematic perspective. The track’s gradual descent with the refrain, ‘There is so / Much love here / for you’ leaves the listeners wanting more. Where Renee Millner carries the discography from here is going to be a very interesting musical curve. 

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