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Qastalani - Sex Eyes
Qastalani - Sex Eyes

Qastalani – Sex Eyes

Every time we think the Rhythm and Blues-Soul is pulling its shutters down, an artist comes out of the woodwork to put a spike in the process. Rhythm and Blues inspired hip-hop artist Qastalani appears to be the latest protagonist in this department. Qastalani returns from some of his earliest singles of this year such as GIN N JUICE, The First Time, and WYD with his fresh track Sex Eyes.

The song leads off with a delicious bass line into a gradual sway of bluesy soul music. The silky self-assured and lucid vocals have a familiarity with the early 90s hip-hop clique vibe. The distinct soundscape is made even more immersive with the synth and brass arpeggios. Qastalani has skillfully crafted a story into an invigorating and enriching song that many people relate to. The use of different layers of tones sucks people into a mellow yet groovy and let-loose vibe. Despite the intense melodies, Qastalani’s fabulous vocals capture the attention of the listener.

As the song progresses, Qastalani slowly drowns the listener into the song and lets them experience the Malibu soundscape that is created. With the amalgamation of pop and story-telling, he completely inducts his listeners into the abyss of the new track. Be sure to check out his new single while the melodies put you under a sensitive spell.

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