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Poison Oak-Losing Ourselves
Poison Oak-Losing Ourselves
Poison Oak-Losing Ourselves

Poison Oak-Losing Ourselves | Introspect

The world has changed in the past few years and the impact of it isn’t lost on us. The brunt has been borne by unfortunate souls in society, while the creative types must comment on the change via their art. Australian alt-rock collective Poison Oak ask us if the change is worth is, and if we’re Losing Ourselves.

They can be defined by a Collective Soul guitar sound and synth scores running in the background like The Verve. Poison Oak aim and hit their mark. Their song is a snappy delight, with delectable harmonics swaying with the song and mildly distorted guitars flinging us into a space of thought. The lyrics force us to embrace this region-while the question lingers in our minds.

The mid-sections and build ups to the chorus is especially interesting, the Aussie rock drummer breaking into the silence with a drum roll, making the vocals and other instruments something to desire. The chorus especially has a unique setup for a chord progression. It tests bits of your hearing to close on a low note, with a high. I would have preferred if the vocals were increased in the master, because the harmonics and symphony sound great together but are in some places overshadowed.

Progressing from 1996, this single shifts vision to a new horizon, where Losing Ourselves seems to be a diving board to a deep plunge into the crackling energy of Aussie Rock. We hope to hear more from Poison Oak.

Swing to the delight of Losing Ourselves:

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